When it comes to spiritual salvation and spiritual growth, every born-again believer in Christ will tell you that faith is the key. However, no matter how unswerving a Christian may appear to be in his or her faith, we have all experienced a season of doubt. Do such times of doubt mean we are not born again, are we disloyal to Jesus, or otherwise unworthy of God’s mercy and grace? Nope! It means we are human, flawed by our sinful nature in a fallen, dying world. Doubt is the internal struggle, the battleground between letting go of the world’s empty promises and clinging to the ironclad promises of God.

In His hands,




Hello traillblazers,                         nn
One night 2013, I changed from being just an ordinary teenager to being a celebrity.
I sang, danced, gave speeches, wore beautiful clothes, and appeared with important people, such as governors.
The next year I started acting in movies, several times starring in the leading role. Reporters wanted my story, photographers wanted my picture, and people wanted my presence for premieres, ribbon cuttings, lunches, and dinners. I was always the center of attention.
Gradually though, I discovered that all of this was not as attractive as I imagined. I worked mainly on action movies and that was dangerous. Many films I starred in were immoral and violent. Some featured demonism.
In January 2015, I dated a movie producer. Although I seemed to have everything to make me happy-glamour, wealth, and a loving wife- I was depressed and sad.
I thought I had found the right person for me. I could spend forever with this guy. But after two months of dating, I had to break up with him. It seemed as if we couldn’t be more alike. In my mind I already had us married. As time passed, however, I began to realize how different we were. When I saw what a huge mistake I had made, I broke up with him.

I decided to stop acting.

Remembering my traillblazerhood faith
I began to remember with fondness the faith that I had when I was a Traillblazer student.
Back then, each Sunday I went to visit Uncle Charles who could study the Bible with us together with his three daughters. Theirs was a warm and loving family and he treated his wife and children with respect. I also enjoyed going with Vincent to their Bible Classes. Sometimes we went to big assemblies. Those were happy times. I felt safe with the traillblazers.

I decided to return
Shortly after my break up, God sent two overseers from Vintraillblazers’ Class to visit me. They explained how I could return to God, and they arranged for a missionary named Ian to help me. Vincent showed me examples of Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled. When I started going to Vintraillblazers’ Class again, I found that I enjoyed the company of trailblazers much more than the people in the movie business. I am now studying in Vintraillblazer’s class.
I am now thankful to our Almighty that I have something better than glamour.

When I read that, I thought you should know. You should know because we have victory here.


His Will the all absorbing Power

I was only 15 when I had my first asthma attack.
Asthma runs in my family.
I began using an inhaler at 15.
I first realized my asthma could kill me when I was 16 and collapsed  on a very cold day.

For a number of days I had been studying the biblical concept of faith.
That particular morning in my devotions I read the experience of Philip in Acts 8, where an angel told him to go to south of Jerusalem on the road to Gaza.
There he saw the treasurer of Candace, queen of Ethiopia, sitting in his chariot reading a scroll of Isaiah. Then the Spirit of God said to Philip, “Go near, and join thyself to his chariot.”
As a result, a baptism took place, and the Bible says that “when they were come out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip.” And he found himself at Azotus, a little town about 20 miles from where he had left the Ethiopian eunuch. Reading the story, I said to myself, What exciting times those days were when the Spirit of God was so close to people!
And throughout the day I was meditating on that biblical story.

The first thing you need to learn when you are diagnosed with asthma is how to use an inhaler. You see, when I was 16, I got a very bad asthma attack.
It came in the middle of the night.
I woke up and couldn’t breathe. I opened the window about two inches; the cool air immediately improved my condition. However I could not get back to sleep.
I kept tossing in bed, and my breathing problem returned after a while.
I kept opening the window wider as breathing became more difficulty.
Not being able to breathe is awful.
I had been out in the pouring rain the day before. I was frightened to death because I thought not being able to breathe was my own fault.
I would be wheezing and my siblings would get mad at me.
They thought I could stop it. They didn’t understand.
I was rushed to hospital.
In the emergency room the staff quickly rigged me up with an oxygen mask, intravenous tubing dripping medication into my system, and a diagnostic monitor to check the activities of my heart. A cardiologist with the assistance of several nurses did everything they could to keep me alive.
A short while later they placed me in the ICU, which was already filled to capacity.
Because the glassed-in chambers were occupied, they assigned me a bed in an area close to the nurses’ station. I had so to speak a foot in the grave, as my breathing had grown so shallow that I could hardly get any oxygen into my lungs.
I now believed I was going to die, and my conviction deepened when dad asked if I would like to have a pastor come and see me. I stated I felt too sick to have anyone visit except dad who was allowed to see me for 15 minutes every 2 hours.
Besides, I had made it a daily practice to seek out God and prepare myself to die since people know how to live but, do you know how to die?
Lights flashed in the nurses’ station.
With increasing frequency and due to my proximity to the hospital, I could tell that the
condition of some patients was deteriorating and becoming desperate.
To my immediate right an elderly man appeared on the point of death as two
nurses talked about hospice.
To my left a man in his 40s, already having had three heart attacks, and stated
that he was probably living his last days.
“This is the house of death,” I thought to myself.
Now I asked for the mighty power of the Holy Spirit of God to surround me with a spiritual atmosphere of light and peace and restore me to health if it was His will.
Afterwards I had a number of injections and CT Scans and on my day of discharge, the Cardiologist who had worked on me sat down and stated that I should no longer stay in Nairobi during July, when it is very cold.
Almost three weeks to the hour that I was admitted, I walked out of the hospital on my own two feet. Those feet may not have moved very fast, but they did carry me again to the world outside, and that was wonderful.
Then I thanked the Great Physician, the Author of our being, for answering my prayers
as my thoughts ascended to Heaven in a melody of praise.

I always tell this story in our Vintraillblazer’s Class and I cannot stop telling it.

See you at Vintraillblazer’s Class.